The Ultimate Weekend BBQ Bash

By: Chef Benjamin Leblanc-Bedouin


It’s summer and we all know the most epic part of the season is hosting the ultimate weekend BBQ bash! Time to round up your friends and family because we have the six steps you need to plan and execute an incredible backyard weekend of eats, friends and some savings.

  • Outdoor means outside – take the heat out of the kitchen and cook everything on the grill! Use the burner on the BBQ to cook eggs for breakfast, boil your water for your pasta or use Turkey Franks as spider dogs (cut a small slit in the middle and watch them fan out as they roast over the fire). When it comes to big groups – the simpler the better.
  • Prep, prep & prep – There is nothing like having everything ready to go prior to your guests arriving! There are tons of cheap menu items that pack a mean punch in the summer, use cost effective ingredients that are easy to prepare ahead of time. Try out some Turkey Bacon Wrapped Scallops, Turkey Jalapeno Poppers or a Strawberry and Turkey Ham Salad!
  • Share the love – When someone asks you what they can bring, instead of saying “oh don’t worry about it” – people love to help so give them a job! Why not ask them to bring their best dish that everyone can enjoy so that you can enjoy some savings!
  • Lose the timeline – A weekend get together means one thing – no set mealtime! Prepare menu items that can be available at any time and don’t be afraid to serve them up sporadically throughout the day to make sure your guests are well fed all day long.
  • Have a showstopper – Try something out of the box! It’ll be more fun for you and definitely fun for your guests if you step out of your comfort zone and try something different. For example, these Cheesy Garlic Bread Turkey Franks are an easy and delicious twist on a classic!

With careful planning, prepping, and prioritizing an unforgettable experience, you can truly WOW your guests! All while reducing stress, thoroughly enjoying yourself, managing costs effectively, and, last but not least, ensuring you are forever known as the weekend BBQ bash master!