Celebrate the unity of flavours this Thanksgiving with Butterball

We want to welcome you to Butterball’s Internationally-Inspired Thanksgiving hub, where traditions and flavours from around the world come together to create unforgettable holiday moments. Explore a variety of resources, from hosting tips and tricks to mouthwatering recipes and more. We want you to join us in celebrating togetherness this Thanksgiving season. 

Roasted whole turkey decorated with lemon placed on a white tray.

New to hosting Thanksgiving and eager to gobble up some tips? Dive into our blog for easy and useful advice on blending traditions and flavours this holiday season!

Whole turkey decorated with fruits.

Feast your eyes on this easy and epic guide to plan your Thanksgiving dinner! Filled with delicious tips and tricks to have your hosting game at a 10/10.

A table set with a black and white checkered tablecloth, creating a classic and elegant ambiance.

Are you a first-time turkey cook? Be the belle of the (Butter)ball this Thanksgiving with these turkey cooking tips and tricks!

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Don’t wing the most important part of Thanksgiving! Leave it to Butterball’s experts to answer any and all questions on your holiday turkey this year.

A person checking the temperature of a whole turkey

You’ve got stuffin’ to lose by checking out all of Butterball’s quick and easy how-to videos packed with everything from how to thaw to carve your turkey!

Christmas whole turkey rubbed with spice with lemon and cherries.

Thaw’t you knew how to do turkey math on thaw or cook time, but having some trouble? Sit back, relax and let the Turkey Calculator do the work! Check out the perfect formula for your Thanksgiving feast today.

A table with a variety of delicious food and refreshing drinks

Experience a delightful fusion of flavours this Thanksgiving with our Indian Turkey Roast, marinated and seasoned with aromatic Indian spices for a unique twist to your Thanksgiving feast.

A middle eastern spiced whole turkey placed in the middle of the table with bread, rice and spices on the side.

Elevate your Thanksgiving with a Middle Eastern Spiced Turkey, artfully infused with spices and herbs and bound to transport you and your guests on a tender and juicy turkey adventure.

Whole turkey cooked in a turkey 65 masala with added oil tempering garnished with lemon.

Spice up your Thanksgiving celebration with our Butterball Turkey 65, a fiery twist on tradition, featuring tender turkey coated in a zesty blend of flavourful spices! Perfect for a bold and unforgettable feast.

Mary Tang

You butter believe this delicious recipe will add an exciting twist to your Thanksgiving table! Succulently seasoned with traditional Chinese spices, this dish will be sure to spice up your Thanksgiving traditions.

Cooked turkey with herbs and vegetables on a dining table.

Elevate your Thanksgiving with a brew-tiful twist! Infused with rich flavours and aromatic spices, this delicious turkey feast will have your guests doing a cheers just for you!

Coriander & Orange-Glazed turkey roast.

Looking for the tur-KEY to hosting a small Thanksgiving gathering? Look no further than this Coriander and Orange Glazed Roast, a perfect harmony of flavours destined to take your Thanksgiving to the next level.

Turkey tikka masala served in a pan with a side of naan bread and white rice.

Give your Thanksgiving leftovers a vibrant makeover with Turkey Tikka Masala, a delightful fusion of holiday turkey and Indian spices that will have you and your post-Thanksgiving meal feeling extra saucy!

Spicy turkey feteer made with leftover turkey.

Cook once, eat twice is our middle name! Nothing says Thanksgiving like getting creative with your leftovers and this Spicy Turkey Feteer is the perfect way to take your Thanksgiving turkey to the next (day) level.

Turkey green curry with cilantro and coconut.

Give your Thanksgiving turkey a tasty Thai twist with our Butterball Turkey Green Curry, where yesterday’s feast becomes the secret ingredient to a delicious encore!

A culinary journey exploring diverse cultures through delicious recipes, proving that no matter where you are, there’s always a place for turkey on your plate.