Turkey 65

Prep time 1 Hour       Cook time 45 Minutes      


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1 Butterball Naturally Inspired Frozen Whole Turkey1 cup, plain yogurt1/2 cup curry leaves, chopped4 thai green chillies, finely minced2 Tbsp. ginger, grated2 Tbsp., garlic, grated4 Tbsp, kashmiri chili powder1 Tbsp. garam masala1 Tbsp. coriander powder1/2 tsp turmericJuice of 1 lemon1 Tbsp. salt

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  1. To create marinade, add all ingredients except turkey in a bowl. Stir to combine. Rub marinade all over the turkey and stuff under skin of the turkey breast, legs, and thighs. Place in the fridge overnight to marinate.

  2. Preheat oven to 325 °F.

  3. Place turkey in a large roasting pan, about 2 inches deep, and roast until the internal temperature of the turkey reaches 165°F in the breast and 180 °F in the thigh at its thickest point. You may lightly cover the breast with aluminum foil to prevent over cooking and lift the foil for the last 30 minutes of cooking.

  4. Remove from oven and rest for a minimum of 15-20 minutes to allow juices to redistribute before carving.

  5. Recipe by Vijaya Selvaraju