Thanksgiving Turkey Tips and Tricks

To ensure your Thanksgiving is a success, we have some handy turkey tips and tricks for you.

Elevate your dishes:

  • Brush your turkey with oil – Butterball turkeys are already brined, so you’re halfway there. To prevent your turkey from drying out, just brush the skin with some oil.
  • Add vegetables to your stuffing – take your stuffing up a notch by adding various root vegetables. Not only will it add a variety of colour and flavour, but it will be enhanced with good nutritious ingredients too.
  • Keep your pan drippings – This is the good stuff! Use your pan drippings as gravy and your guests will thank you for it. Click here for our secret to a delicious pan dripping gravy.

Make sure you are equipped with the appropriate tools and your preparation will be so much easier. Here’s some helpful tips:

  • Roasting Pan – For convenience, many people use a large foil roasting pan for cooking a turkey, but they’re not always sturdy enough to hold your big bird. We suggest investing in a roasting pan. It’s easy to lift the pan from the oven and it won’t spill its contents. You can also use it year after year.
  • Carving Knife – Make sure you have a carving knife that is sharp enough to cut through the bird without excessive effort and without shredding it. Clean slices are what you and your guests are after. An electric knife is a great option too.
  • Meat Thermometer – This nifty device takes the guesswork out of cooking turkey and helps to ensure that it’s completely cooked.
  • Turkey Lifter – This is item will help you lift your turkey from the roasting pan to your serving dish, without any hiccups!

Whatever you prepare, we’re sure it will be enjoyed by all.