Top Tips for Turkey Marinades this Summer

Whether you are backyard BBQing or elsewhere this summerthe secret weapon to leveling up your turkey game is with a delicious marinade. Not only does a good marinade bring moisture and juiciness, but can also intensify flavour. Intimidated by the marinadeChef Shahir Massoud has shared his best marinating tips to set you and your family up for a summer of savourTry them out for yourself with Chef Shahir’s “Double” Caesar Salad recipe featuring Butterball Easy Fresh Boneless Turkey Breast and this Spicy Caesar drink featuring Butterball Franks. 

Marinades are about Flavour   

Most people think that marinades are meant to tenderize (which they can to a small extent), but really, they’re about flavour! When it comes to keeping your turkey tender, it’s way more important to select a high-quality turkey like Butterball and manage your cook time and temperature. So, always have your thermometer ready!  

Make Extra 

If you’re going to the trouble of making a delicious marinade, make extra and set it aside, but be sure that the leftover marinade hasn’t touched any raw turkeyServe that extra batch as a dipping sauce or brush it on your meat at the end of the cooking process! 

Think Yogurt 

Most marinades have some form of acidity—lemon juice, vinegar, etc. So, yogurt is a great way to introduce tang and offers superior colour and char on the grill!   

Sugar, Sugar, Oh Honey Honey 

Some marinades call for brown sugar, orange juice, etc. But, be careful with these amounts, high sugar marinades can burn easily on the grill! Also, you can try honey as a healthier alternative, especially if you’re choosing a healthier protein like turkey. 

 Plan Ahead  

Marinating your turkey overnight is always best. But if you forget, try to get your turkey in your marinade at least a couple of hours before hitting the grill—the extra time makes a big difference in allowing the flavours to penetrate!  

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