Spicy Caesar

Serves 2 People


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For Caesar:

2 1/2 cups clamato juice 4 tsp. Tabasco Chipotle sauce2 oz vodka 6 dashes Worcestershire sauce1/2 tsp. celery salt 

For Garnish:

2 Butterball turkey franks, sliced into 2" pieces 40 g cheddar cheese, cut into 1" cubes 1/4 cup pickled vegetables4 pepperoncini peppers Fresh limes, for garnishMontreal steak spice, for garnish


  1. To make the Caesar, mix clamato, half of the Tabasco Chipotle sauce, vodka, Worcestershire, and celery salt well to combine. 

  2. Coat rim of each class with wedge of a lime, then dip each rim into Montreal steak spice to coat. 
  3. Fill each glass with ice, followed by the Caesar mixture. 
  4. To make the garnish, grill turkey franks in an oiled grill pan over medium/high heat for 2 minutes, flipping halfway.  Then remove franks and top with generous dashes of remaining Tabasco Chipotle sauce. 
  5. Skewer turkey franks with cheese, vegetables, and spicy peppers.  Top each glass with the garnished skewers and enjoy!  

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