This Easter, Let the Turkey Do the Work

By: Chef Benjamin Leblanc-Bedouin

As the snow melts, the days get sunnier and springtime is finally upon us, it feels like the perfect time to celebrate with family and friends! Get the most bang for your buck this Easter with these 5 easy tips for a budget friendly gathering.


1. Roasting a Whole Turkey

We all want to serve up tender and juicy turkey and you don’t have to reinvent the wheel to get there! Butterball’s whole turkey just needs a few brushes of oil and a meat thermometer to have it dinner table ready. Besides that, let the turkey do the work, and let Butterball help you out with a few useful resources, like the Turkey Calculator and how to videos!


2. Plan the leftovers

We all love the leftovers! In fact, we all make sure that there’s turkey leftover after our celebrations – so why not plan ahead! There are tons of delicious recipes to have on deck to keep enjoying your leftover turkey. Some classic favourites include soup, sandwiches, and casseroles. TIP: As you are cutting veggies for your stuffing, slice a few extra cups to have on hand for recipes throughout the week!


3. Simplify your sides

What if you made use of the same ingredient in all your different side dishes? This is an easy way to reduce prep time in the kitchen and get you back to enjoying your free time. For example, add apples to your slaw, your stuffing AND your dessert for a tasty and easy way simplify your meal.


4. Try something new

Butterball offers a variety of products that lend themselves well to all three meals of the day. When you plan for your busy day of hosting, have easy and delicious turkey options available to implement into your meals to save time. TIP: Butterball Turkey Bacon is a match made in heaven for a quick and delicious starter salad for your big dinner.


5. Use what you have

We all know our seasoning cupboards can get packed full of ingredients. Some advice? Pull them out and incorporate them into your Easter meals. Grab things like allspice, anise, cardamom, cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves and incorporate them into your apple crumble. Or, spice up your roasted potatoes with things like paprika, dry mustard, garlic salt or onion powder to get the most bang out of your ingredients already on hand.

Nowadays, meal prep is a staple in everyone’s households. So why not bring that approach to your kitchen for Easter? Try out these helpful tips and you’ll find that you’ll cut back on spending, cooking time and of course, cleaning. Whatever you do – just make sure you let the turkey do the work, because after all, it’s what we came for!