Turkey Dumplings

Prep time Prep: 30 minutes       Cook time Cook: 10 minutes       Serves Serves: 4


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1 Butterball Easy Fresh boneless skinless turkey breast2 eggsA handful of cilantro leaves, chopped1 small carrot, chopped5 green onions (the light green part), chopped8 white mushrooms, chopped3 Napa Cabbage leaves, chopped⅛ cup soy sauce⅛ cup rice vinegar½ Tbsp. spoon sesame oil1 tsp. maple syrup1 package wonton wrappers


  1. Using a food processor, grind turkey breast.

  2. Add eggs and mix.
  3. Add remaining ingredients and mix.
  4. Put about a teaspoon of the mixture in wonton wrappers.
  5. Steam filled wontons for 10 minutes.

  6. Recipe developed by Eve Mayrand