Turkey Banh Mi Sandwiches and Dogs

Serves 12-14


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1 Butterball Extra Lean Turkey Ham, sliced8 Butterball Hot Dogs1 baguette, sliced8 hot dog buns1 1/2 cup mayo

For the Pickled Veg:

1/4 cup rice wine vinegar1/4 cup white vinegar2 tbsp sugar1 tsp salt3 carrots, julienned1 daikon radish, julienned1 cucumber, julienned

For the Glaze:

1 cup hoisin sauce1 lime, juiced2 Tbsp mirin

For the Garnish:

Sriracha sauce, for drizzlingFresh cilantro, picked


  1. Bring rice wine vinegar, white vinegar, sugar and salt up to a gentle boil. Allow to cool slightly, then add carrots, daikon, and cucumber. Submerge in the pickling liquid, let sit for 2 hours, up to overnight. Then, drain and set aside.

  2. Mix the hoisin, lime juice, and mirin to combine into a glaze. Spread glaze over turkey ham slices and hot dogs. Grill ham on medium high for 1-2 minutes per side, and grill franks for 3-4 minutes, or until warmed through (can be done with a grill pan indoors). Add more glaze periodically as you grill.
  3. Spread mayo on each side of the sliced baguette. Top with grilled turkey ham and the pickled veg. Drizzle on sriracha and garnish with fresh cilantro. Repeat process with the franks. Enjoy!

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