Honey-Lavender Glazed Turkey by: Chef Shahir Massoud


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Ingredients for Turkey:

1 Butterball whole turkey2 Tbsp canola oil1 cup honey1/4 cup red wine vinegar1/4 cup white vinegar1 Tbsp lavender1 Tbsp herb de Provence2 Tbsp brown sugar

Ingredients for Spring Peas with Mint:

2 Tbsp butter1 leek, washed and diced2 cloves garlic4 cups peas, blanched1 tsp salt1/2 lemon juiced1/2 bunch mint, chopped

Ingredients for Red-Skin Potato Salad:

2 lbs redskin potatoes, boiled and cut into 1 pieces8 radishes, thinly sliced1/4 bunch dill, finely chopped1 bunch scallions, finely sliced1 Tbsp poppyseeds1/2 cup mayo1 lemon, juiced2 Tbsp olive oil


    Instructions for Turkey

  1. Preheat oven to 325°F.

  2. To thaw, follow package instructions for type of Butterball turkey you have, or check the Turkey Calculator on Butterball.ca.
  3. When ready to cook, use a pastry brush to spread oil all over your turkey, then place onto a wire rack inside a roasting pan. Transfer to oven and roast for half of the total cook time (check the Turkey Calculator for exact cook times).
  4. Meanwhile, in a saucepot, combine honey, red wine vinegar, white vinegar, lavender, herb de Provence, and sugar. Bring up to a boil and stir to combine.
  5. Remove glaze from heat and allow to cool (this can be done the day before). Option to skip step 6 and reserve glaze for dipping sauce.
  6. When half of the cook time has gone by, remove turkey from oven and liberally spread on the glaze. Return turkey to oven.
  7. Cook turkey until the internal temperature in reaches 165°F/74°C in the breast and 180°F/82°C in the thigh. If the turkey is getting too dark, tent it with foil for the rest of the cooking time. When done, remove and allow to rest before carving. Enjoy!

  8. Instructions for Spring Peas with Mint:

  9. In a pot, melt butter and add leeks and garlic. Sweat for 5-6 minutes then add peas. Cook until warmed through, about 3-4 minutes.

  10. Season with salt, then finish with fresh lemon juice and mint.

  11. Instructions for Potato Salad:

  12. Combine cooked potatoes with radishes, dill, scallions, and poppyseeds

  13. Whisk mayo, lemon juice, and olive oil together, then drizzle onto potato salad. 
  14. Season with salt and pepper to taste then gently mix to combine. 
  15. * Can be made the day ahead.