French Onion Soup with a Mushroom Turkey Melt Sandwich


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French Onion Soup:

6 large white onions2 large red onions2 Tbsp butter2 cloves garlic2 sprigs thyme1 Tbsp salt¼ cup apple cider vinegar1 litre chicken broth (4 cups)

Mushroom Turkey Melt Sandwich:

Butterball turkey roast, sliced (or leftover turkey)1 cup mayonnaise1 clove garlic1 tsp cracked black pepper¼ cup dried cranberries1 baguette4 slices Swiss cheese1 cup sauteed mushrooms


  1. Preheat oven to 325°F.

  2. Brush oil all over roast, place in roasting pan. Follow packaging instructions, and cook until internal temperature reaches 165°F [74°C], remove and let cool.
  3. Using a large skillet, on high heat melt butter, sauté white and red onions, add garlic cook for 15 minutes, or until golden brown and tender. Add thyme and salt, stir for 1 minute. Add apple cider vinegar and chicken broth. Simmer for 45 minutes or until onions are completely cooked into the broth.
  4. Bring oven temperature to 350˚F.
  5. Using an immersion blender make the aioli by blending mayonnaise, garlic, black pepper and cranberries until smooth.
  6. Cut baguette in half lengthwise, spread aioli on both halves. Place turkey, mushrooms and cheese on bottom half and bake in oven for 10 minutes, or until cheese is golden brown. Remove and top with other half – Enjoy!