Get Too Cool for School with these Back to School Lunch Tips

By: Chef Shahir Massoud

Back to school lunch bento boxes are fun to put together, delicious to eat, and add a kick of nutrition to keep kids energized for the day! Check out some useful tips that will help you curate the ultimate lunch that kids will actually eat!

  1. Use Butterball Extra Lean Turkey Ham

Kids need protein to get through the school day feeling full, focused, and energized—plus, we don’t want them getting ‘hangry’! The Butterball extra lean turkey ham is a ‘better-for’-you’ route to getting that punch of protein while enjoying the flavours of a smoked ham!  Start by cutting slices from your Butterball extra lean turkey ham, then punch out fun shapes with their favourite cookie cutters.

  1. Cookie cutters for everything!

I like to make a trip to my local bulk food store to pick up all sorts of cookie cutter shapes and sizes.  Better yet, take the kids with you and let them select a few that will get them excited about eating their lunch!  Cut out fun shapes from your slices of Butterball extra lean turkey ham, but don’t stop there! Cookie cutters are a whimsical way to transform apple slices, cucumber, bell peppers, pineapple, and carrots! You’ll be amazed how much fruit and veg the kids eat when they’re transformed into fun shapes.

  1. Pack up healthier crackers

Try to sneak in some ‘healthier’ stuff, even with the crackers! Look for tasty options that include a wholesome punch: whole grain, quinoa, and even sweet potato crackers are all great ideas. Plus, the kids will have fun using the crackers to build their own sandwiches—there’s so much room for creativity!

  1. Always pack a little treat

A well-balanced lunch snack box must have a little treat at the end, right!? It’s important to practice it in moderation but including a little sweet helps the kids get excited about digging in for lunch!

  1. Use the Scraps!

Don’t waste the cut-outs leftover from the Butterball turkey ham and the vegetables.  Chop them up and add them to your next batch of omelets, fajitas, or egg bites for breakfast on the run!