Decorate your Best Holiday Table Ever this Year

It’s cold outside, and snow is gently falling. Your turkey is roasting to perfection in the oven. (how to roast video)

And oh yes, your holiday table is beautifully set. Once your guests arrive, they can’t stop complimenting how you’ve decorated it.

This can be your reality this festive season, with a few simple steps:

Pick a theme, any theme: Rustic, elegant, traditional or even a little quirky – there’s no wrong answer when it comes to deciding on a theme for your table. Whatever you choose, stick to it.

Turn to nature: Some of the best decor can come from the outdoors, especially during the winter season. Pine cones, holly and birch branches all give off some seriously festive vibes.

Assigned seating is always a good idea: Place cards eliminate any potential pre-dinner panic. And they add a nice touch to your table, even if you’re hosting a small group. For a simple DIY, prop your place cards in those pinecones you picked up outside.

Avoid matchy-matchy: Don’t get too hung up on having matching tableware, napkins, or even chairs. Embrace an eclectic look by combining your modern items with antique touches (like your grandma’s cherished silverware).

Get creative with your centerpiece: The world is your oyster when it comes to choosing your centerpiece. Make things as simple or as complex as you’d like. Fill vases or jars with twinkle lights and ornaments. Spread some greenery across the centre of the table. And of course, always add candles!

Thankfully, your holiday table will look amazing. Thankfully, there’s Butterball.