3 Unique Ways to Celebrate Thanksgiving in 2020

Thanksgiving, like many things, will look a little different in 2020. While you may not be squeezing nieces and nephews around your dining room table, there’s still fun (and turkey) to be had.
Now’s the perfect time to create new traditions and make memories that will last a lifetime. Don’t know where to start? Check out these unique ways to celebrate Thanksgiving in 2020.

Get outside
Embrace all the great outdoors has to offer this Thanksgiving and dine al fresco. Make sure to plan for the cooler weather and keep your food warm. When your turkey comes out the oven, cover it with tinfoil and towels while you make your sides. This will help your turkey stay warm and allow the juices to redistribute. It’s a win-win! You could also cook your turkey the day before and make a delicious turkey soup to help you keep cozy outdoors!
Want to keep the whole deal outside? Try this BBQ Spatchcock Turkey recipe.

Have a virtual cook-along

One of the best parts about Thanksgiving is quality time spent preparing food with loved ones. While you may not be able to do this in person, you can still do it virtually! Organize a virtual Thanksgiving cook-along with your friends and family. Have everyone share their favourite recipe and pick-up their ingredients ahead of time. Then sit back and virtually catch-up with your friends and family while your turkey cooks!
Don’t forget that the Butterball Turkey Talk-Line is just a phone call away if you have any turkey-related questions.

Prepare and deliver food ahead of time
Show your friends and family a little Thanksgiving love with a surprise food delivery. While you may not be able to celebrate together, you can still show you’re thankful for loved ones by dropping off food they can enjoy on Thanksgiving. Butterball Chef, Shahir Massoud, recommends delivering dishes that taste better the longer they rest, such as a harvest kale salad with shredded turkey. Soup, pasta, turkey casseroles and Shepard’s pie are all also delicious leftover turkey dishes to deliver.
Check out the Butterball Turkey Calculator to determine what size of turkey you need to feed all of your delivery recipients.
For more tips, tricks and recipe ideas, take a look around Butterball.ca.