BBQ Spatchcock Turkey

10 mins + 2hr marinade       1-2 hrs       6-8


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1 Butterball Fresh Whole Turkey, ribcage removed2/3 cup brown sugar, packed½ cup hot paprika⅓ cup black pepper½ cup salt⅓ cup garlic powder¼ cup onion powder¼ cup celery seeds2 tbsp cayenne pepper


  1. Using scissors, cut both sides of the dorsal bones of the turkey, and flat the bird.

  2. Combine all the spices in a bowl and rub the turkey all over.
  3. Set the barbecue to 400 degrees, grease your grill, and grill the turkey on the breast side for 8 min or until you see the grill mark.
  4. Flip the turkey over and grill it for 10 min.
  5. Put the turkey on the side with the indirect flame, on a piece of foil, close the lid of the barbecue and let it cook for another 30 min, flipping time to time.
  6. Serve with coleslaw, corn and corn bread, or your favourite sides