Cheesy Pizza Quesadillas

10 Minutes       15 4 People


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4 10” tortilla wraps¾ cup prepared pizza sauce2 cups grated pizza mozzarella1 package Butterball Turkey PepperoniFresh basil leaves, if desired


  1. Preheat a griddle over medium heat (or use a large frying pan, but you’ll have to cook them in two batches).

  2. Lay the tortillas on a flat surface. Spread about 3 tbsp pizza sauce over one half of each tortilla. Top the sauce with mozzarella and turkey pepperoni then fold the tortilla in half to cover the toppings. Use a rimless baking sheet, pizza peel or large spatula to slide quesadillas from the work surface onto the preheated griddle.

  3. Cook quesadillas for about 4 minutes on the first side or until golden brown underneath, then flip and continue cooking until cheese is melty and second side is browned, about 4 minutes more.

  4. Use a sharp knife or kitchen scissors to slice quesadillas into quarters. Top with fresh basil, if desired.

  5. Recipe by Jennifer Pallian