Cheese-Stuffed Turkey Burgers With Mushrooms

Prep time 30 minutes       Cook time 10 minutes       Serves 6 persons


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Turkey Burgers

2 lb ground turkey½ cup parsley, chopped1½ tsp. thyme, fresh and chopped1 tsp. garlic powder1 tsp. onion powder2 tsp. salt1½ Tbsp. worcestershire sauce120g aged cheddar, cubed6 burger buns3 yellow onions, sliced 1/2 inch thick slices

Mushroom Mix

5-6 shiitake mushrooms5-6 cremini mushrooms, sliced5-6 oyster mushrooms5-6 portobello mushrooms, sliced½ tsp. salt¼ cup olive oil

Lemon Aioli

1 clove garlic, sliced1 garlic clove, chopped1 lemon, zested2 Tbsp. white wine vin½ tsp. salt1 Tbsp. dijon¼ tsp. pepper2 yolks1 cup canola oil


3 cups baby arugula


  1. Slice creminis and Portobellos. Tear shiitake and oysters by hand, removing stems.

  2. Arrange on cookie sheet, and toss in the salt and olive oil.
  3. Roast at 400°f for 10 minutes until moisture is cooked out of mushrooms and they are well roasted. Set aside and reserve for burger cooking below.
  4. Place all lemon aioli ingredients except for oil, lemon zest and sliced garlic in food processor. Blend well. Slowly add oil in slow, steady drizzle as to not break emulsion. Drizzle until all oil is incorporated and mixture is thick, white mayonnaise!
  5. Mix in sliced garlic and lemon zest. Set aside for later.
  6. Mix all turkey burger ingredients (except for the sliced onion and cheddar), making sure not to over mix. Divide meat mixture into 6, and then shape into balls.
  7. Place approximately 20g of cheddar cheese into center of meatballs. Enclose around the cheese well and flatten into ¾ inch patty.
  8. Toss onion slices on medium/high grill until charred on outside and deeply caramelized. Set aside.
  9. Grill burgers on medium/high heat for approx. 4-5 minutes per side. After first flip, top with ½ cup of mushroom mixture to allow them to heat as well, along with onions.
  10. Slice Burger buns in half and toast well. Place on aioli, arugula, burgers topped with mushrooms and onions. Enjoy!