Host a Stress-Free and Affordable Friendsgiving with Erin Abe

Host a Stress-Free and Affordable Friendsgiving with Erin Abe

A table set with a black and white checkered tablecloth, creating a classic and elegant ambiance.

By: Erin Abe

From appetizers, side dishes upon side dishes, to desserts and of course the turkey, we all know how much love goes into hosting holiday meals for friends and family. To help ease stress, foodie content creator Erin Abe is sharing her tips for hosting an enjoyable and stress-free Friendsgiving feast!

  1. Opt for a Turkey Roast:

    Go the no fuss no muss route with a Butterball Turkey roast in lieu of a whole turkey, which you’ll probably eat with your family anyways. From freezer, to oven, to table, Butterball Turkey Roasts are easy to prepare – no thawing, no mess, simple to carve and always tender and juicy!

  2. Add a Little Something, Something to Pre-Made Foods:

    Don’t be afraid to go with what you know! Butterball stuffing is a super easy and delicious way to enhance your Thanksgiving dinner. You can EVEN spice it up by adding your own ingredients like apples, dates or cranberries to take it to the next level and make your friends think you made it from scratch. Shh, we won’t tell!

  3. Outsource to Your Pals:

    Have your guests bring a dish! Ranging from sides to dessert to drink options.With rising inflation on everyone’s minds this year, a potluck will help ease the cost of hosting a large group of people and take a load off of your plate!

  4. Get your game face on all weekend long!:

    Prep ingredients ahead of time so when it comes to the day of, it’s a breeze and you’ll get to spend more time with your guests.

  5. Scope out Tablescapes Early:

    Prepare table décor (linens, dishes, cutlery, festive accessories) a couple weeks in advance. Not only will that get you into the Thanksgiving spirit, but it will allow you to focus on the most important part (the food, obviously) leading up to Thanksgiving.

  6. Get that checklist going:

    In advance of Thanksgiving, be sure to take inventory of your kitchen – including making a list of ingredients and cooking accessories you will be using for your recipes. Make sure you have all the necessary tools such as pans, serving trays, carving knife and meat thermometer, to save yourself a host-ache while preparing your meal on the big day.

  7. Prepare yourself (and your fridge) for leftovers:

    We all know leftovers are the best part about Thanksgiving! Whether you’re whipping up a turkey soup, sandwich, salad or more, make sure you have lots of containers or paper plates on deck! Don’t forget to check out the recipe section of the Butterball’s library of recipes for inspiration on creating new meals with holiday leftovers.