Chef Shahir Talks Turkey

After graduating from York University’s Schulich School of Business, I realized a career as an accountant wasn’t really for me. I didn’t want to simply sit at a desk in a cubicle. I had more to offer than that. Even from an early age, I’d always had a deep passion for cooking, so I pursued my dream and moved to New York City to enroll in the prestigious French Culinary Institute.

In New York I was fortunate to gain valuable experience in the kitchens of two of the great chefs of Italian and French cuisine in America: Mario Batali (Lupa) and Jean-Georges Vongerichten (The Mark Hotel) and Saveur magazine.

Upon my return home to Toronto, I headed up the kitchen at Cinq 01 where I was one of the youngest chefs to be awarded a coveted two-star “Very Good” review from Toronto Life.

Next stop, the Culinary Adventure Company as Corporate Executive Chef, responsible for the entire culinary experience of every guest.

From there, I became Corporate Executive Chef at Levetto, a fast-casual concept specializing in authentic Roman pizza and pasta.

And now I’m working with Butterball to create new ideas and inspire new tastes for turkey. That tender, juicy, delicious meat is not just for the holidays. Turkey is a versatile protein that can be seasoned and prepared in an infinite variety of ways. Turkey is also such a nutritional powerhouse it has been labeled a super food. It’s high in B vitamins, zinc, selenium and amino acids. If you’re looking for a lean and healthy alternative for any meal occasion, turkey is the ideal choice.

I look forward to creating new recipes for turkey, sharing my thoughts and finding new friends in the kitchen. Join me and together we can see how far we can take the great taste of Butterball turkey and make every meal a special occasion.