5 Tips for Cooking with Kids

Cooking together can be both fun and educational for young children. Not only does it encourage family bonding, but it can also help with the development of math and reading skills. As a chef and father, Butterball spokesperson, Shahir Massoud, recommends the following tips for making the most out of cooking with kids:

  1. Make it educational – From colours and counting to spelling and reading, the kitchen is a classroom in disguise. Get kids to help with simple tasks like mixing, measuring and counting units of ingredients. This is a fun and educational way to involve them and helps develop an increased sense of ownership.
  2. Get creative with serving – Show kids that food prep can be fun! Bring out their inner artist and allow them to create fun shapes, patterns or colour groups with their food.
  3. Put a healthy twist on kid-approved recipes – Whether it’s cheesy pizza or loaded hot dogs, most kids have a list of approved recipes. Try swapping out some of the proteins in these recipes with a healthier option, like Butterball turkey. From turkey pepperoni and franks to Easy Fresh cuts and roasts, Butterball has a product suitable for almost every meal.
  4. Allow personalized eating – Show kids that eating can be customizable and allow them to build their own plate. Things like burgers, hotdogs, pizza and tacos are all meals that can be personalized. Who knows, they may even get adventurous enough to try new combinations!
  5. Start a garden – Gardening is a great way to encourage healthy eating, get outside and teach important skills like responsibility and patience. Start with an easy and reliable crop, such as peas, and grow your garden from there.

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